Rolling Stock
A list of all locomotive and MU maintenance facilities with all locomotives and MUs assigned to them. >>>
Electric Urban Transit
All subways, tram, trolleybus, and funiculare systems in the C.I.S. - with opening and closing dates, numbers of routes, and links. >>>
World Railway Gauges
Learn what kind of gauge widths do they use in various countries! The table presents gauges as narrow as 30cm, and as wide as 3m. >>>
Surviving Steam Locomotives
There are more than 2 000 surviving steam locomotives in the C.I.S. - monuments, heaters, reserve, and museum. >>>

Picture galleries

More than 50 000 pictures of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, EMU and DMU trains, draisines, stations, tracks, etc. The collection is updated daily. >>>

Narrow Gauge Railways
Several thousands of pictures of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Baltic, etc. narrow gauge railways. >>>
World Railways, As Seen By Russians
Some pictures of the world railroads, subways, and streetcars, taken by Russian-speaking photographers. >>>

Historic Train Timetables
Old train timetables for Russia and surrounding states - the way they looked long ago. >>>
Railway Maps
Various maps of railways, subways, and tramways. >>>

Ferrochronograph Unfortunately, this feature is available in Russian only.

Mysterious Turksib Turkestan-Siberian Railway: the Past, the Present, and the Future. The first and so far the only site about the Turksib. Pictures, reports, maps, etc.

Russian Narrow Gauge Railways Narrow gauge railways are about Vologda timberlands, Tver peateries, Ukraine sugar refineries, the Virgin Lands, and much more. The site presents the NG rolling stock, lists all existing and vanished railways, and contains thousands of photographs.
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