Mailing List '5feet'
Spisok Rassylki '1520mm'

For more than 3 1/2 years, we have been running mailing list "1520mm" intended to discuss surface railways in the former USSR and possibly other countries that use the same gauge (e.g., Finland and Mongolia). However, recently the predominant language of the list changed from English into Russian, and this discouraged most of English-speaking subscribers from participating in our discussions. To fix the problem, we decided to open a new English-language mailing list dubbed "5feet" which will be a sister list to "1520mm".

Of course, the actual gauge of the discussed railways does not have to be 5 feet, or 1520 mm! Narrow-gauge discussions are welcome here, too, as far as they deal with the post-Soviet railways. It is also acceptable to send messages regarding model railroading in the former USSR. And remember: the official language here is English!

Please notice that topics on subways, tramways, trolleybuses, and similar guided vehicles are not appropriate here, unless they are also related to railways.

Recently, our mailing server has been changed from "Steam Engine IS" to groups.yahoo.com. You should look for the new archives over there.


Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found in this document (which is so far in Russian only). If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ, or if you are unanble to read Russian -- address your question to the subscribers of the mailing list!


If you really like to know more about Russian railways, you can subscribe to the maling lit "5feet". To subscribe, click onto the button: