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12/29 No Need to Build the High-Speed Rail Link Between Moscow and St.Petersburg before Years 2005-06
12/22 The Situation with Russian Railroads Becomes More Stable
12/22 The Reform of the Russian Railroads Should Not Hurt the Regions
12/18 Railways Remain the Safest Transport in Russia
12/08 New Trans-Siberian Produces Slum Instead of Riches


11/20 More Russian Railroad News in Briefs
11/20 Passenger Tickets Become Cheaper
11/13 Tender for the Construction of the Infrastructure of the Kars-Tbilisi Railway
11/11 Repair and Support Divisions of the MPS to Be Privatized


10/20 First Russian Rail bus
10/20 Riga Car Plant Reopens This Week
10/20 Long Live the Inner Ring!
10/10 Riga Car Plant Is About To Resume Its Operation
10/08 On the different sides of the railway


09/24 Japan to Help Build Turkmen Rail Line
09/10 Latvian Railway Is Ready To Share Its Losses With Taxpayers


08/28 Baltic Sleepers' Matters
08/20 The Electrification Goes On
08/14 Even A Single Car Is A Train (the first Latvian RDC)
08/11 Rail Traffic Resumes Between Moscow, Tbilisi


07/28 New Railway Inaugurated in Dagestan
07/18 New Cars -- Old Problems
07/17 Russian Railways May Become a Part of the Transcontinental Bridge
07/08 Rostov-"Father" Will Become Closer to Moscow-"Mother"


06/30 Водяные потоки, вызванные вчерашним проливным дождем, вывели из строя станцию тбилисского метрополитена "Церетели", на которой залито водой почти все оборудование и не работают эскалаторы. Выкачивание воды из помещений станции продолжается и сегодня. Как сообщил агентству "Аргументы и факты-Новости" начальник Главного управления метрополитена Гурам Габуния, из-за затопления оборудования и основных путей, вчера в 22.30 закрылись еще 4 станции метрополитена. Выкачивание воды из помещений станций продолжалось всю ночь и к 6 часам утра и их работа была возобновлена. Кроме того, по словам Габуния, из-за вчерашнего ливня возникла угроза разрушения строящихся участков Сабурталинской линии тбилисского метрополитена и расположенных вблизи стройки нескольких жилых корпусов.
06/25 The First Piece of the Estonian Railroads Is for Sale
06/20 Estonian Railroad Passengers Will Transfer to Railbuses


05/21 Estonian Parliament Approved the Privatization of the Estonian Railroads


04/28 One reported killed in Russian rail station blast
04/24 Trains to Go under Bay of Finland
04/23 Explosion at Russian railway station kills 2, injures 20
04/18 Rail Reform
04/16 Nemtsov: Russian Railways to Remain State-Owned
04/15 Ax Falls on Railways Minister
04/11 M.P.S. Gives Back Moscow to the Far East
04/01 "Baltic Arrows" Are Ready to Fly


03/30 Cabinet Shuffle Brakes High-Speed Railway
03/19 Estonia to Have Its Own LaManch?
03/17 Evolution of Latvian Railroad
03/15 Railroad Exhibition in Chelyabinsk
03/05 Moscow-St.Petersburg High Speed Link Update
03/04 Railroaders Think Where to Use High-Speed Electric Locomotives


02/18 New Electric Locomotives for Russian Railroads
02/06 Privatization of Estonian Railroads: the State Will End Up with Rails and Ties Only
02/03 Latvian Railroad Advances


01/30 Latvian Railroad Changes Its Policy
01/29 High-Speed Railway from Moscow to St. Petersburg: Project of the Century or Giant Fraud?
01/23 Privatization of Lithuanian Railroads Is Imminent
01/09 Estonian Railroads Go for Sale




12/26 TV Commercials in Novosibirsk Subway
12/24 Explosion in St.Petersburg Metro Did Not Cause Serious Consequences
12/15 Upgrades for Aging (St.Petersburg) Metro Go Nowhere


07/12 Metro terrorists Are Caught


03/11 Got a Contract! (Construction of Chelyabinsk Metro Is About to Begin)