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This page contains links to various materials dealing with the great past of Russian/Soviet railways.
Railway Museums
Information about railway museums located in the former USSR. R
Post Mortem
A list of abandoned, dismantled and not completed railways in the former USSR R
New railways
A list of new and constructed railways in the former USSR
Th electrification history of the railways in the former USSR
Surviving steam locomotives
There are more than 1000 surviving steam locomotives in Russia, C.I.S., and Baltic states. They exist as monuments, steam generators, reserve locomotives, etc. Please enjoy the most complete list of surviving steam locomotives!
Tree Merger tree of Russian/Soviet railways
This tree illustrates all known mergers and splits of railway companies and divisions in Russian Empire, the USSR, and post-Soviet states.
History of Riga-Dinaburg Railway
In 1861, the first ever railway whistle in the Baltics announced the beginning of a new era. On September 25, 1861, the first 217km-long railway line was officially opened in Latvia between Riga and Dinaburg (Daugavpils)... By J. Vanags.
The Widest Gauge

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