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On Thu, 7 Jan 1999 09:15:56 -0500 (EST) Dima Zinoviev
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> Peter Arko writes:
> >
> > I read in an austrian raiway newspaper that there are negotiations
> > between the Ukrzaliznicja (UZ) and the Caile Ferate Romane (CFR) for
> > establishing direct connections on 1520mm gauge between Chop and
> > Chernivci, crossing the romanian border at Campulung la Tisa and Sighet
> > Marmatiei, which would cut the distance between Chop and Chernivci and
> > Ivano-Frankivsk resp. considerably.
> I wonder if the line from Teresva to Velyki Bychkiv (which is entirely
> in Ukraine!) does not have or did not have a connection to Rachiv. If it
> does, then it would be much easier to use this line and avoid two border
> crossings... Anyway, does anybody have a DESCENT map of railways in that
> region? I am still confused...

There is a decent map of the area at

Velyki Bichkiv (Nagy Bocsko in Hungarian) is on the north bank of the
Tisza river (Theiss in German), Solotvino is further west, and Sighet
is on the south bank more or less opposite. The line on the north
bank from Teresva terminates in Nagy Bocsko, where there was a large
chemical factory, and probably other industry. A narrow gauge (760mm)
line ran north from Nagy Bocsko. The line through Sighet crosses the
Tisza west of Sighet/Nagy Bocsko, at Cimpulung, and runs on the south
bank through Sighet. There was also a bridge from Sighet to Solotvino,
and this may have been the original line. East of Sighet the line
divides, one branch following the Tisza north to Rachiv, the other
south into Romania.

Originally all this territory was Hungarian. After 1919 the north bank
was Czechoslovakia, the south bank Romania. Corridor trains ran from
Czechoslovakia through Romania to Rachiv. After 1945 the north bank
became the Ukrainian SSSR in the Soviet Union, and the lines there were
regauged to 1524mm. The section from Rachiv through Romania was
dual gauge (1435/1524). Soviet corridor trains ran through Romania, and
were documented in an early edition of Railway Scene. As long as this
corridor traffic was retained there was no need for a broad gauge
connection Velky Bochkiv - Rachiv, and that was never built (the north
bank of the Tisza is very steep in this area).

Incidentally, shouldn't Rachiv be transcribed Rakhiv, since the
Cyrillic letter is X? In Czech (Slovak) it probably is Rachov.

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