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The following appeared in the May 18, 1998 issue of "Eastern Economist",
"Ukraine's first buisiness and investment weekly".

Odesa and Zakapatia olast
Rubles for railways

According to,InfoBank, the stae-owned railway company, UkrZaliznytsia, is
seeking investment for two projects: construction of a railway linking
Izmail with Reni, Odesa oblast, and renovation of a tunnel along the
Beskyd-Skotarske strech of line in Zakarpattia oblast, The cost-estimate
for the former project is US$250mn and the latter US$130mn. The
Izmail-Reni stretch would link Ukraine's largest Danube port -Reni- with
the Black Sea port of Odesa. The link would reduce traveling time for
cargo and passengers along the 9th European Corridor via Ukraine and
Romania. Its terminal points are St. Petersburg, Russia, and
Alexandropolis, Greece. The Beskyd-Skotarske tunnel, part of the
strategic L'viv-Stryi-Chop railway, is desperately in need of repairs.
The tunnel's closure would negatively affect railway traffic between
Europe and Asia.

UkrZaliznytsia has proposed an alternative international corridor,
deviating from Fastiv, near Kyiv, towards Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and
Krasna Mohyla, then to the Russian cities of Volgograd and Astrakhan, and
the Kazakhstan cities of Makat and Beineu. the propose corridor would
reduce the distance by 700-1,300 km.

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