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Re: zh-d. paromy - railway ferries


The following is a transcript of an article published in the 15 July 1997
issue of Lloyd's List [a shipping daily published in London], which
contains some info about the rail ferries between Ukraine, Bulgaria and


Ukraine state-owned ferry operator Ukrferry has completed the purchase of
its first passenger ferry, the 1973-built 3,523 gt "Presidente Yeiwe"
from France Caledonian's Societe Maritime de Iles Loyaut.

The vessel, to be renamed "Caledonian" and put under ukrainian flag, is
to be deployed on the route linking Iljichevsk (Ukraine) and Poti

She has a cargo capacity of 80 cars and 200 lane meters, while 180 of the
250 passengers may be accommodated in private cabins.

Through the purchase the operator has entered the passenger ferries

It claims the "Caledonian" will be the first passenger ferry of this size
and characteristic to sail the Black Sea.

The Iljichevsk-Poti service was opened by Ukrferry in mid-June with the
13,000 dwt rail-vans rail-tanks ro-ro vessel "Geroi Shipki", while the
sistership "Geroi Plevny" is deployed between Iljichevsk and Varna

The company blames the constraints existing in Ukraine on cargo in
transit for reducing drastically the flow of freight on the routes.

A spokesman for the company told lloyd's List: "The whole cargo on the
inaugural sailing between Iljichevsk and Poti was just three passengers.

"In just one month we now have about 20 trucks, 20 containers, 15 private
cars and some 50passengers for each leg.

"But this could double if our government reduced the constraints for
transit cargoes.

"The lack of coordination between the Ukraine and the Georgia governments
is also making very difficult this part of the Euro-Asian Transport
Corridor between North Europe, east Europe, Ukraine, Transcaucasian,
central Asia and Iran"



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