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Дата: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 17:55:20 EDT

A 2 week program is being proposed for transport professions wanting an
understanding of Russian railway policy and freight operations.

The program will be principally run by the Russian Ministry of Railways.
The program comprises of a week focused on Russian Railway policy followed
by a week on freight operations.

As each week of the program will have a maximum of 12 participants, there
is plenty of opportunities to meet Russian rail officials and address
issues which are of interest to your organisation. The program's principal
language will be English. People could attend either or both weeks. The
course will run in either October 1997 or March 1998.

The content of the course is flexible and will include:

RAILWAY POLICY (first week)
* Government macro-economic and political objectives
* Railway business plans including performance objectives and
  role of foreign investors
* Rail improvement priorities
* Political and financial constraints
* Decision making processes
* Autonomy of railway divisions
* Coordinating CIS-wide & Baltic decision making
* Railway policy networks and communities
* Selling to the Russian railways
* Tours of selected Ministerial departments, factories,
  educational institutions, and freight and passenger facilities

RAILWAY FREIGHT (second week)
* Tariff setting process
* Introducing competitive freight markets
* Existing and planned freight capabilities
* Intermodal freight operations
* International freight cooperation
* Asia-Europe container routes
* Freight security
* Freight tracking
* Tours of selected freight facilities

As we are still planning this program, please contact us to be included on
the mail list for further information.

Athol Yates
Manager, Russia-Rail

         WWW home:
            Manager: Athol Yates, author of
Russia by Rail (Sep 1996) & Siberian BAM Railway Guide (Dec 1995)
Railway Timetables

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