Four Killed In Moscow Metro Explosion

Penny Morvant for OMRI


Four people were killed and another 12 injured in an explosion on the Moscow metro on 11 June, Russian and Western agencies reported. The blast, caused by about one-half kilo of TNT, went off in a train leaving the Tulskaya station at about 9 p.m. President Boris Yeltsin and Moscow Mayor Yurii Luzhkov said they believed it was a terrorist attack designed to disrupt the 16 June elections. In a reference to the Communists, Luzhkov claimed the bombing was carried out by people shaking with fear, because of opinion polls giving Yeltsin the lead in the presidential race. The Communists, meanwhile, blamed Yeltsin and his entourage. Workers' Russia leader Viktor Anpilov accused them of trying to whip up anti-communist hysteria, while Duma deputy Viktor Ilyukhin contended that the bombing could be used by Yeltsin to start to repress the opposition. Another possibility is that the explosion was linked to Russia's conflict with Chechen separatists, who have long threatened a campaign of terror in Russian cities.

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